Organic USDA Revitalize Neem Anti-Flea Dog Shampoo by 4-Legger
Organic USDA Revitalize Neem Anti-Flea Dog Shampoo by 4-Legger


Organic USDA Revitalize Neem Anti-Flea Dog Shampoo by 4-Legger

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Revitalize organic neem dog shampoo with organic orange essential oil is a mentally uplifting blend for dog's battling fleas, red itchy skin, or dermatitis (skin inflammation) caused by allergies, flea bites, or environmental conditions. 

  • Our neem shampoo for dogs uses organic orange essential oil to promote the production of collagen to repair damaged skin and reduce skin inflammation
  • Naturally deodorizing dog shampoo gets rid of the "doggy smell" using organic ingredients
  • Natural flea shampoo for dogs uses Certified Organic Neem Oil - a highly sustainable oil known for its ability to repel pests and provide strong natural anti-fungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties
  • Dog dandruff shampoo that hydrates and improves the skin and health of hair follicles

Not recommended for cats. Instead please use our unscented or lemongrass blends both available in USDA organic to food grade standards or USDA organic.

About 4-Legger

Dr Dee's #1 Recommendation for a Truly Safe and Non-Toxic Pet Shampoo Without Synthetic Ingredients

chemical free organic dog shampoo

Woman Owned Small Business

Made by Dog Mom's who are passionate about your dog's health and the quality and purity of ingredients

best organic cat shampoo without synthetic ingredients

Made from Real Plants

Sustainably sourced ingredients with minimal processing to retain the natural beneficial properties

USDA Organic Dog Shampoo Safe for all animals

USDA Certified Organic

Made with 100% All Natural Ingredients and Beneficial Essential Oils

best organic dog shampoo

Concentrated Great Lather

Use a small amount of shampoo with lots of water for great lather

chemical free dog shampoo

Nothing Synthetic

A true organic and alll natural pet shampoo free of synthetic ingredients

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