I know why I'm taking up oxygen and space here on Planet Earth. The animals have shown me why. 

Quite simply, I advocate for them.

I help pet parents discover ways to restore and maintain their animals optimal wellbeing.

My mission is to offer the holistic concepts and practical tools to help you, as much as is possible, DIY your veterinary care. 

Over the decades I've learned so much from the animals themselves, then shared what I have learned with the hundreds of classes about natural health I've taught. I've so enjoyed watching those pet parents become quite skilled at caring for their animals. 

My biggest gratification is observing those pet parents give their animals what they need - no, what they require - to grow into healthy sentient beings. Most of it is accomplished in their own homes - not the veterinary clinic. 

This is major commitment, but so worth it! Don’t they deserve the best we can offer them?

Mother Nature is here

You see, Mother Nature gives us the best framework for establishing vibrant health in our pets (and in ourselves). She makes sense. Trying to fool her doesn’t. Products made by corporations that harm your animals don’t make sense; they make money.

Simple but profound clues from Mother Nature are right in front of us, showing us the way to lasting Vibrant Health. I’ll help you follow those clues.

Every time we wander away from the wisdom of the natural world we suffer. I’m here to help you find your way back to the source of it all, where we allow and help our animals to live as natural beings.

Based on my years treating animals using natural medicines I'll help you discover for yourself the power of the body’s innate healing.

I’m here to help you learn a lot of great stuff and have some fun along the way!

Our Values

We value products that are as pure as we can source, from companies who never compromise ingredients. We value those suppliers who find sustainable ways to source and manufacture products, while maintaining standards within their companies for employee health. We value our relationships with small companies that align with our standards for quality, sustainability, and holistic health for all. 

And most of all, we value you, and your love for your furry family and your commitment to them. 

For the health of all of your families, our communities and our planet,
Dee Blanco, DVM & Our Team

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