Course: Homeopathy for Pet Emergencies

Dr Dee Blanco

Course: Homeopathy for Pet Emergencies

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In this course, you'll learn homeopathy principals, dosing, and how you can use homeopathy for pet emergencies. You will also get handouts and product recommendations.

Lesson 1
Introduces you to the principles of homeopathy, three specific remedies, how to dose, what you should stock in your "go to" homeopathic kit, and much more.

Lesson 2
We review how you can use homeopathy for accidents, bites, eye injuries, bleeding, heat stroke, cuts, food/toxin poisoning, puncture wounds, shock, snake bites, and more.

Lesson 3
We cover three more remedies to add to your knowledge base: diarrhea, constipation, bloat/gas, and other intestinal issues for any animal (dogs, horses, goats, cats, and humans too)!

Fasten your seat belt and learn your options! Your animal’s life is dependent on it!

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