4 health dog food home made dog food recipes

Dr Dee Blanco

Course: How To Safely Feed Your Dog or Cat A Fresh Raw Food Diet

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Learn about raw dog food, pet food nutrition, all natural dog food, and walk away with some dog food recipes. 

In this course, holistic veterinarian Dr Dee Blanco, DVM walks you through how you can feed your dog or cat a fresh, species appropriate diet for cats and dogs in 3 easy lessons with handouts.

Lesson 1: How to Feed Your Pet Real Food
We discuss the health benefits of feeding fresh, what to expect, and the specific nutrient sources you need to feed and provide handouts with two simple recipes to get you started.

Lesson 2: Treat Common Pet Health Issues with Food
We discuss the nature of food, our relationship to the seasons, the best time of day to feed, and how fresh food can be used as food therapy.

Lesson 3: Changing Your Pet's Diet the Easy Way
We continue our discussions on using food as medicine to detoxify and boost the immune system.