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June 5-8th, 2023!

Pet Pain Relief Summit

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If you want to learn 8 homeopathic remedies for relieving pain for your animals make sure to sign up for this FREE summit! I'll give plenty of indications for the use of the remedies and how to dose them.

There will be plenty of other interviews and lectures about how to relieve, reduce and even eliminate your pet's pain so they are healthy, active, energetic well into their later years.

My colleague, Dr. Ava Frick is hosting this ON-LINE summit starting June 5th, but sign up now while it's still FREE.

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It's that "special" time of year again...the dreaded time when our pups with "allergies" start discharging, sneezing, scratching and even having gut issues.  Of course, you, the pet parent, are anxious about these symptoms that can continue for months and months!
Does Rescue Remedy for Pets Really Work?
Holistic Veterinary Care

Does Rescue Remedy for Pets Really Work?

Do you have a dog or cat who is normally fearless, but who cowers in a crying mess during a thunderstorm, nearby fireworks noises or crowds? While it's important to pay attention to your pets and learn everything you can about the root issues triggering their anxious behaviors, I have found Rescue Remedy for Pets to be very effective for anxiety in animals.
Your Questions: How much Bioplasma do you recommend I give to my older dog?
Your Questions

Your Questions: How much Bioplasma do you recommend I give to my older dog?

Hi, Dr. Dee, How much Bioplasma do you recommend daily for older dogs?