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Blog posts

Your Questions: Isn't garlic toxic to dogs?

Your Questions: Isn't garlic toxic to dogs?

Garlic has gotten such a bad rap, as have many other foods, due to misinformation to make it sound dangerous. I’ve asked many a vet if they have ever seen and diagnosed a garlic poisoning and have yet to find one!
What to do when a snake bites your dog or cat?

What to do when a snake bites your dog or cat?

For a human, it is rare to die from snake bite. Unfortunately, our pets are at greater risk because they are typically bit on the face or neck where bites can cause severe swelling with subsequent obstruction of the trachea, making it difficult or even impossible to breathe. Learn how to prepare for snake and spider bites.
Can You Give Medicinal Mushrooms to Your Pets?

Can You Give Medicinal Mushrooms to Your Pets?

With over 10,000 known varieties of mushrooms, how do you know which are safe and beneficial for your dog or cat and which mushrooms are harmful? Learn about the incredible benefits of mushrooms and our recommendations for the best suppliers.