Is homeopathy safe for my dog? Is homeopay safe for my cat?

What is Homeopathy and is it safe for dogs and cats?

Homeopathy is a form of energetic medicine using natural substances in highly diluted forms to stimulate a healing reaction in the body. Is is very safe for your dog and cat. As a holistic veterinarian I have used homeopathy for over 40 years with incredible results. Let me explain.

Homeopathy is a form of energetic medicine using natural substances in highly diluted forms to stimulate a healing reaction in the body.

Whew! Say that three times really fast!

Before we dig into the definition of homeopathy, it’s important to understand the fundamentals behind its practice.

There are a few simple rules that apply to the body and its healing:

Rule #1 - the body knows how to heal itself.

Rule #2 - the body doesn’t need you to orchestrate anything.

Rule #3 - given half a chance, the body will heal.

Now that you know the rules, prepare yourself to forget them - I had trouble remembering these concepts, too, when I was first learning about homeopathy after growing up in a culture reliant on Western medicine. You'll get it! Have patience with yourself and keep going! Now, let's get back to what homeopathy can do for you and your pets.

The name of the game when using homeopathic remedies is LIKE CURES LIKE.

Homeopathy helps the body heal on its own, of its own accord, in its own time, to the best of its ability. Typically, the body does better on its own than with our "help."

So, if the healing principle in homeopathy is "like cures like," what does this mean?

You’ve probably heard the expression: "the cure is a hair of the dog." Or, perhaps you’ve used an adult beverage to cure a hangover. These are simple examples of like-cures-like. A homeopathic medicine is a substance that can cause specific symptoms in a healthy individual and, in very diluted doses, can cure those same symptoms in a sick individual. There must be a match of symptoms with the medicine.

Homeopathic medicines (or "remedies") work on the energy of the body, or, what homeopaths call "the vital force." Other healing practices call this same fundamental energy chi, prana, or life force. When the vital force is stimulated by the remedy, all sorts of biochemical chain reactions occur and the healing begins. If you remember, according to Rule #2, the body doesn’t need you to orchestrate the healing.

THE INDIVIDUAL vs THE MASSES: Homeopathic treatment is individualized for every unique set of symptoms.

Not every case of diarrhea, for example, will call for the same homeopathic remedy. For all the different kinds of diarrhea, there are hundreds of remedies. A specific remedy is chosen not so much for the type of diarrhea, but, because it matches the other symptoms unique to that person’s or pet’s expression of illness. Conventional/commercial treatments give the same medicine to any person with any type of diarrhea. These medicines are suppressive in reality, can stop the diarrhea, but, block the toxins from being purged from the body. This approach usually brings a quick response, which is so beloved in this impatient world. The diarrhea may stop; but, the illness may linger.

Using homeopathy can at first be perplexing, but, it's simple if we apply the three Rules that work with the body, not against it. Take, for example, a dog who eats something unidentifiable at the dog park. Later that night, at, say, 3 AM, he wakes you anxious, panting, and with a blow-out episode of diarrhea that smells up the whole house and beyond! He’s drinking frequently in small sips; he's chilled and trembling. Based on all these symptoms, this dog likely needs a homeopathic remedy known as Arsenicum album.

Another dog has diarrhea alternating with constipation, especially worse in the afternoon and evening. He has gas and belching, is insecure, overly sensitive to pain, and anxious during stormy weather. He might need Lycopodium clavatum.

Two different pets, two sets of symptoms, two different medicines.

Homeopathy is like no other medical art.

Homeopathic remedies treat your animal’s diarrhea, and all the other symptoms, individually - not generically.

We are all unique and even express our illnesses in unique ways. It’s up to the skilled homeopathic practitioner to put the physical, emotional, and behavioral characteristics of your pet’s illness together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle "picture" assembled with those pieces is the "remedy picture" specific to your animal. As the body responds to a medicine, the remedy picture can change, and so can the remedy. Often one dose of a remedy is all that’s needed. Remember Rule #1? The body knows how to heal itself, if given half a chance. And Rule #2, it will!

Still, you might be asking: Why would we need to give remedies or any medicines at all if the body knows how to heal? The answer is clear, but, sometimes not obvious. There are times during intense, acute disease or injury where the body needs all the help it can get to speed up the process. Remedies can do this. There are times when chronic disease has become a perpetual habit; remedies are a great reminder to the vital force that healing is needed. It’s like an alarm clock reminding you to pick up the kids. You know how to pick them up, but, your cell phone alarm reminds you it’s time.

Homeopathic remedies often restore healing faster than anything imaginable without polluting the person or the planet, causing bankruptcy or an exodus from the European Union, or destroying the Amazon or experimenting on animals. This medicine boggles the mind, but, explains the quantum world and softens the heart, just as a newborn’s birth never ceases to amaze. It’s a door into the magical mysteries of our bodies and their connection with the natural world.


The difference between homeopathy and allopathy (also known as antipathy i.e., all current commercial medical practices) is this: homeopathy attempts to treat the soil where the weed lives so that the weed can no longer thrive in that soil. Allopathy attempts to kill the weed by chopping it off at the ground level. The difference is very clear. One removes the possibility/tendency of illness, the other removes only the symptoms.

Which is Your preference?

Would you prefer to experience healing that is deep, wide, and permanent; or something temporary, and possibly harmful/toxic to other organ systems? If your answer is to choose homeopathy, you’ve come to the right place! You can now have the opportunity to watch in awe how your body, or your pet’s body, can heal naturally.

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EXTRA CREDIT READING: Answer "What is homeopathy?" for yourself and get started healing yourself and your pet with homeopathic remedies

If you would like to delve deeper into this wonderful medicine, I recommend HOMEOPATHY: BEYOND FLAT EARTH MEDICINE by Dr. Tim Dooley. It’s a quick read that Dr. Dooley wrote to help his patients understand treatment from the homeopathic perspective. Even though he’s a human doctor, this book will help you understand homeopathic basics. 

While you’re stocking your library with good reference books, make sure to get another favorite of mine by one of my own homeopathic teachers, Dr. Richard Pitcairn’s COMPLETE GUIDE TO NATURAL HEALTH FOR DOGS AND CATS. This is a great reference book and is a must if you want a deep understanding of the topic of homeopathy. I guarantee you’ll use it for years and years. It’s chock full of information about holistic care for your pet.



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