Does Rescue Remedy for Pets Really Work?

Does Rescue Remedy for Pets Really Work?

Do you have a dog or cat who is normally fearless, but who cowers in a crying mess during a thunderstorm, nearby fireworks noises or crowds?

While it's important to pay attention to your pets and learn everything you can about the root issues triggering their anxious behaviors, I have found Rescue Remedy for Pets to be very effective for anxiety in animals.

Do you have a dog or cat who is normally fearless, but who cowers in a crying mess during a thunderstorm, nearby fireworks, sharp noises or visitors to your home?

While it's important to pay attention to your pets and learn everything you can about the root issues triggering their anxious behaviors, I have found Rescue Remedy to be very effective solution to help calm the anxious little one.

What is Rescue Remedy and is it safe for my pet?

Rescue Remedy is a homeopathic blend of flowers selected from the famed Dr. Edward Bach's healing garden in the UK. These 5 flowers include Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star-of-Bethlehem.

Everyone knows how flowers can help heal the sick, because we take them to hospital rooms. Everyone knows how their beauty adorns a bride. Everyone knows how they imply peace on a casket. And, this specific essence blend powerfully embodies gentle healing for fear and anxiety. Like many "natural" medicines, its efficacy is questioned by the usual skeptics. Rescue Remedy is one of the most convincing remedies I've encountered for inspiring more openness to what these medicines from the earth can do.

Rescue Remedy is safe for every one including your pets. The solution is prepared homeopathically, so there are no physical elements of the flowers in the solution. If your dog or cat has a sensitivity to the flowers listed, rest assured the homeopathic process absorbs the properties of the plant without including plant parts, so it's safe to use.

What can I treat with the pet formula of Rescue Remedy?

Here is a short list of situations where Rescue Remedy could be helpful for an animal experiencing anxiety:

  • Veterinarian visits 
  • Fireworks
  • Crowded places
  • Thunderstorms
  • Car rides
  • Really anything that makes your animal nervous

Pets who have endured abuse or serious trauma may need homeopathic remedies in addition to Rescue Remedy.

Rescue Remedy is not a panacea for all forms of shock and fear. Dogs and cats with histories of serious trauma can benefit from adding Rescue Remedy to other flower essences, herbs or homeopathic remedies.

To learn more about remedies for shock, read this blog and contact your homeopathic vet for remedies specific to your animal's trauma.

What is the difference between Rescue Remedy for pets and humans?

The Rescue Remedy solutions for humans use a small amount of preservative the medicine whereas the pet formula uses glycerin. You can still use either blend for your pet, though you may want to dilute the human solution in clean water before administering to animals.

Is Rescue Remedy safe for puppies, kittens and pregnant or lactating mama? 

Short answer: Yes.

Rescue Remedy can be used for young animals, though it may be easier to use the formula for pets specifically. But, it is safe for any animal including the pregnant or lactating female. 

I had a client tell me about her lactating bitch and how anxious she was when people came close to her pups. This anxiety, not surprisingly, rubbed off on the puppies who seemed agitated and more than typically needy. She used Rescue Remedy for the mama a few times, put it in the dog's food and water, and  noticed after a few days she was happily accepting of visits from her humans. 

How do I dose my pet with Rescue Remedy?

Rescue Remedy is made in a tincture and a spray. Both are very easy to use. 

If using the tincture, administer 2-4 drops into your pet's mouth before, during, and after the upsetting event. Of course, we can't always predict a thunderstorm before our animals do, so start with 4 drops as soon as possible. You can also put a drop or so on your finger and rub into the inside flap of the ear - NOT down the ear canal, gently massaging the ear, which also has a calming effect. 

You can use the spay exactly as with the tincture.

Similar to dosing a liquid homeopathic remedy, if the dosing syringe touches your animal's mouth, run it under hot water for a couple seconds before returning it to the bottle to avoid contaminating the tincture.

Does Rescue Remedy have any side effects?

Short answer: No.

There are no side effects to using Rescue Remedy. Those of you who have worked with me for a while know I don't really refer to side effects as anything less than Effects. That kind of sanitized language helps to gloss over the harmful products included in some pharmaceuticals.

Rescue Remedy is non-toxic, non-drowsy and non-habit-forming. While you can work with your holistic vet over time to determine core causes of anxiety in your dog or cat, using Rescue Remedy as needed is completely safe to use along with homeopathic remedies. 

How long does it take for Rescue Remedy to work?

Here's the thing with natural medicine—we're not deadening symptoms so we can get back to our busy lives. We're paying attention to our animals, making connections, understanding their character and learning to read their cues. 

Every animal and every anxiety is custom-made, so to speak. I can't rattle off estimates on time expectations. For some animals, the impact feels instantaneous. For others, it may take half an hour or so to see the calming benefit. And remember, they will be picking up on your anxiety so dose yourself too!

You may decide to increase or decrease the dose slightly based on what you see happening with your animal. Your animal will show you what works and what doesn't, but you will have to participate, take the time to see how they react.

And in some situations Rescue Remedy won't work, where other times it will work for the same animal. But, it's always worth a try to start with these natural, soft solutions!

Rescue Remedy for Pets

If your dog or cat suffers from anxiety every time you go to vet or a thunderstorm rolls in, Rescue Remedy is a non-toxic, natural and gentle medicine using flower essences with powerful calming effects. Sale Price: $16

Try Rescue Remedy for Pets for common sources of anxiety.

I've been practicing for 40+ years and Rescue Remedy continues to surprise me. Patients have told me about animals calming down to their usual, content selves in typically stressful situations on the first try with this natural medicine. Without the risk of chemicals in pharmaceuticals or the "tranquilizing" impact of some plant medicines, Rescue Remedy offers not only relief to your pets (and YOU when you need it) but peace of mind from its non-addictive, gentle power.

Try it out for yourself and let us know how it goes!

If you need a place to buy Rescue Remedy, buying from our store supports a woman-owned and run small business. We so appreciate you!


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