What are cell salts and how can they benefit my dog and cat

What are cell salts and do they work for animals?

If you’re into homeopathy, you’ve probably heard of cell salts or one of their other names: tissue salts, tissue remedies, or biochemic salts.

But, what exactly are they, what do they do, and can they improve the health of our animals? Dr Dee Blanco explains!

If you’re into homeopathy, you’ve probably heard of cell salts or one of their other names: tissue salts, tissue remedies, or biochemic salts. But, what exactly are they, what do they do, and can they improve the health of our animals?

Cell salts or mineral salts are micro-doses of cell “foods” prepared homeopathically for easy absorption into the cells of the body.

The production and practice of using cells salts follow the principles of the homeopathic theory laid out by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755 – 1843), also known as the “Father of Homeopathy.” Among his successors was Dr. Wilhelm H. Schūssler (1821-1898), a homeopathic physician troubled by the vast array and volume of homeopathic medicines being used in the early history of homeopathic medicine. Dr. Schūssler wanted to find an easier way to use homeopathy for his patients.

Schūssler carefully followed the work of Dr. Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow, often referred to as the “Father of Modern Cellular Pathology.” Dr. Virchow taught that all diseases are based upon a change in function or condition of cells in the body. This theory led Schūssler to analyze the basic components of the body, a field of study now called “cellular research.”

What Schūssler discovered was a common pattern of twelve salts, or minerals, to be not only prevalent, but critical for health in the human body. His studies led him to conclude that dysfunctions in the human body were provoked by deficiencies in these cellular minerals. This system of medicine is called Biochemic Theory and uses the 12 Tissue Salts to replenish the body’s deficiencies.

Schūssler’s 3 Principles of Tissue Salts

Schūssler’s simple biochemical system, was based on these 3 principles:

  1. The human body contains 12 vital mineral salts which are essential for maintaining health.
  2. When mineral salts in the body are not in balance, disease develops.
  3. A balance can be easily restored with mineral salts in triturated (or finely ground) form (homeopathic tissue salts).

Are tissue salts the same as homeopathic remedies?

Yes… and not exactly.

Biochemic salts provide physical support to any deficiency of minerals in the body’s cells, restoring health and vitality.

Homeopathy uses ultra dilute remedies stimulating the vital force to restore health. In essence, Schūssler cell salts focus on the physical, corporeal disorder, while homeopathy restores the vital or spiritual (spirit-like) order. Cell salts are able to enter the cell and restore missing mineral nutrients. Homeopathic remedies do not enter the cells but affect the vital force, stimulating the healing process. But, really, you need both for optimal health!

Can tissue salts be taken along with homeopathic remedies?

The short answer is “yes” and absolutely should be given with homeopathic remedies if the condition is chronic or very intense.

For example, after a shock, such as an accident, take Aconite in a 30C, 200C, 1M or higher to treat the emotions and the shock to the tissues; take Calcium sulphuricum cell salt #3 to help replenish the minerals used by the body during and after the shock to maintain homeostasis.

Is there a good cell salt to take for detoxification?

If tissue salts are replenished correctly, they can actually help dislodge unnatural minerals such as heavy metals. Without supplying the body with trace minerals via tissue salts, any detoxification of heavy metals will leave the body depleted, making the detox process more difficult. Tissue salt therapy is a safe, gentle and easily absorbable way to replenish vital minerals.

How do tissue salts work?  

As the cell salts replenish depleted supplies of trace minerals, they function in four main ways:

  1. Acting as builders of tissue
  2. Detoxing tissues
  3. Improving metabolic functions of tissues and organs
  4. Slowing the oxidation or aging of tissues

Current Big Ag practices of agriculture do not allow for the restoration of soil health, creating a depletion of soils, followed with a lowering of trace minerals in our foods. Cell salt therapy can help restore those vital minerals while also helping the body improve its ability to absorb trace minerals and dislodge unwanted heavy metals.

If the cellular mineral reserves are adequate, every cell and every biochemical process in the organs of the body will function optimally and efficiently. The opposite is true without ample reserves of these trace cell salts. Furthermore, the process of oxidation of tissues, also called aging, will be decreased if our base nutrients are inadequate.

The methodology for making cell salts via homeopathic methods (trituration) bonds the minerals with an ion such calcium, phosphorus, potassium, allowing them to be absorbed into the mucus membranes of the mouth very easily, then entering the blood stream quickly.

Are cell salts safe?

Cell salts are considered a normal part of feeding our cells (and the cells of our pets) to promote better health. There is no possibility for toxicity, overdosing, aggravations, addictions, or any other harmful side-effect. The only consideration you may wish to consider is some cell salts are tableted with lactose. Those with dairy allergies can now find lactose-free, vegan tablets.

Tissue salts may be used in combination with each other in any way. You can even use them with allopathic medications without harm. They are perfectly safe for pregnant women and, in my opinion, should be given as part of a normal pre-natal program continuing through lactation. Babies and very young animals can also be helped with cell salts with or without any illness presenting.

How do I dose cell salts for my pets?

The safety margins for dosing tissue salts is wide but, generally, animals should be given tissue salts 1-3 times a day depending on the severity of the illness or depletion.

Here are my general guidelines for treating your animals with cell salts:

  • Acute cases: Place 1 tablet in the mouth and let it dissolve every 3-5 minutes until symptoms improve. You can also dissolve tissue salts in warm water and administer the salts through a syringe at an angle into the mouth for faster effects. This dosing applies to any size animal.
  • Chronic cases: Give 7-15 tablets per day depending on the size of the animal. Higher dosing will create faster results. Dosing may continue for weeks or one month to replenish the lost minerals; then the cell salt dose is decreased to a maintenance dose. Tissue salts may also be dissolved in water, but all the water must be consumed to correct depletion.
  • Maintenance dosing: 2 pellets, 1-2 times per day or more if prescribed by your holistic vet.

Schūssler Cell Salts are safe, effective and easy to use for everyone in your family, two-legged and four-legged animals alike!

Since cell salts are a vital component of all cells of all mammals, and probably most other carbon-based organisms, keeping our cellular supplies of these minerals balanced is critical to establish and maintain overall health for any stage of life.

The Basic 12 Cell Salts and their tissue affinities (relating to the homeopathic principle of “like cures like”) are listed  in the table below: 

cell salts for dogs and cats

Another way to balance the body’s mineral stores is to learn how to take BioPlasma or Biochemic formulas.

A clever way to get all the cell salts together is to take the formula called BioPlasma. This combines all 12 Cell Salts in equal proportions and can be given/taken daily as a way to nourish the body. As my friend and fellow homeopath, Miranda Castro, says, “Cell Salts are the nutritional supplements of the homeopathic world.” I would agree.

Taking Bioplasma daily or at least routinely can very quickly improve energy which, in turn, improves overall functionality of the body.

One of my patients, Katie, is a 19-year-young kitty who was born blind but manages to “see” everything important in her world including the couch, her bed, and the great fresh food her pet parent makes for her. Katie has gone through a few issues which we have treated homeopathically, but after adding BioPlasma to her regimen, an improvement in Katie’s overall energy was very obvious to her human mom. I have seen and heard this response quite often in my practice.

Another formula, called BioChemic Phosphates, is a combination of the nerve-calming cell salts which can be used to help anxiety, nervousness, poor sleep, and irritability. As you can imagine, when we are anxious we are in overdrive of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), the “fight, flight or freeze” survival mechanism. Being in sympathetic overdrive decreases the functioning of the parasympathetic system (PNS), the “rest and digest” mechanism. In the midst of anxiety, especially if ongoing chronically, the body will become depleted of inorganic cell salts. The BioChemic Phosphates replenish our supplies and help soothe our nervous system.

Gentle, safe and very effective, cell salts are a great way to support cellular function,  allowing for natural healing of the body.

When combined with homeopathic remedies to stimulate the body’s energy healing response, you can expect an improvement in energy, vitality and health if you include cell salts into your animal’s health regimen.

If you’re interested in using cell salts for your pets or yourself, you can find all 12 cell salts plus the BioPlasma and BioChemic Phosphates formulas in my shop.

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Sarah Hyden

Sarah Hyden

Thank you for that excellent summary about cell salts.

Thank you for that excellent summary about cell salts.

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