What is a species appropriate diet for dogs and cats?

Species Appropriate Diets: Vet Recommends Raw Food for Dogs and Cats

Discover how feeding a fresh species appropriate to your dog or cat has numerous benefits that not only encompass the physical, but, also the emotional, behavioral, psychological, sexual and even spiritual aspects of life.

The benefits of a species appropriate diet are numerous and not only encompass the physical, but, also the emotional, behavioral, psychological, sexual and even spiritual aspects of life. Just like the contagious attitude, we are what we eat, so, have a good outlook and eat good food!

Let’s Get Real - pragmatically, feeding a diet with few ingredients allows you to carefully control what your pets are eating.

The variations for taste preferences, special diet needs, seasonal and regional availability of ingredients is easily regulated when you're monitoring a handful of food items at a time.

From the cost-effectiveness aspect, there are several benefits. Firstly, there are advantages to purchasing materials when costs are low and availability is plentiful. Secondly, buying the raw ingredients means you will not pay top dollar for marketing, research and development and various hidden costs. What you will pay for is high quality proteins and ingredients that are nutritious and fresh. Additionally, you will not have to pay top dollar for harmful, rancid, poisonous ingredients!

What should you expect when you change your pet's diet to species appropriate food?

From a health aspect, the benefits are amazing. See, feel, and smell the improvements occurring right before your eyes! First, you'll see an improvement in energy. An overweight couch-potato dog or cat will regain his youthful figure, be able to jump higher and play with vigor. The eyes are brighter, the coat is radiantly glossy, soft and dandruff-free.  The hyperactive pet will become calmer.

Allergies abate when you feed your dog or cat the right, whole foods diet.

Allergies will be a thing of the past. Chronic ear and eye discharges are much improved or entirely absent. The constant foot licking and the chronic eczema will abate or disappear.

Dogs and cats eating the best diet for their species experience improvements in digestion and joint health.

Endless digestive upsets from rumbling gut, loose stools, pancreatitis, bloat and inflammatory bowel disease are frequently helped or eliminated with a species appropriate diet. The stools are smaller, less smelly and less frequent – therefore less to clean up! The animals with bad breath are now kissable and have tartar free teeth. The living room full of noxious methane gas is not contributing to climate warming and sleeping with your companion doesn’t require a gas mask. Appetites improve for pets with poor appetites, ravenous appetites are satiated easier.

Because you are feeding natural sources of joint supportive nutrients, getting older doesn’t necessarily mean getting stiffer.

Many metabolic diseases, including diabetes, can be prevented or improved on when feeding your pets a true carnivore diet.

The diet low in carbohydrates saves the pancreas from constantly producing insulin until it is depleted. Insulin resistance doesn’t occur because the cells are not soaking in a sugar solution from the high-carbo diet. A dog or cat with diabetes does not need more sugar in it’s diet, it needs more protein and fat.

Your dog or cat is naturally more repellent to invasions of fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other parasites when eating a fresh food pet diet.

The fresh food diet cleans up the coat and skin as mentioned before and the strong ‘doggie smell’ vanishes. A fresh food diet will leave your animal smelling neutral. Most commercial foods are made from rancid ingredients, then cooked excessively that are intended to mask their poor quality. These rancid foods make your animal exude a noxious smell - leaving them attractive to those pesky opportunistic parasites.

Fresh food pet diets support the liver, digestive system and kidneys to do what they do best – assimilate and detoxify.

Overloaded and clogged with toxic substances these organ systems will not function optimally unless fresh diets are part of a regular feeding program.

Other benefits for those breeding animals include reduced abortions or problem births. Youngsters have better birth weights, stronger conformation and better brain development. Endocrine disorders of the thyroid and adrenal often balance easily or never occur. Behavioral disorders such as aggression and hyperactivity often correct naturally on the species appropriate diet.

The best diet for cats of all ages is fresh!

Although what may sound controversial, the species appropriate diet is, with a few variations, the optimal diet for both the older cat with kidney disease and the younger cat with bladder disease. The high protein diets naturally acidify the urine and provide high quality protein to these obligate carnivores who require protein in high amounts.

The benefits of a species appropriate pet diet are so numerous, it's impossible to list them all!

The best test is for you to experiment and watch the results. The animals who have been on commercial foods will benefit the most from the change. Try it and let your animals and your senses be your judge.

If you'd like to discover how to feed a fresh, species appropriate diet to your little carnivores check out my course on Feeding Fresh!

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