you can feed your dog soup to help them heal

Feeding Fresh: Food Therapy for Dogs and Cats, Part 1

Ahh, chicken soup! Doesn't it bring up the fondest memories of someone making you soup when you were ill? Turns out soups are the best way to give the digestive system a break while the body is healing. Read on to learn how SOUP can help your dog or cat!

Ahh, chicken soup! Doesn't it bring up the fondest memories of someone making you soup when you were ill?

Turns out soups are the best way to give the digestive system a break while the body is healing. They truly are "Food as Medicine." Doctors of Chinese Medicine know this, and recommend soups and stews for deficient stomach and spleen chi. Ayurvedic doctors recommend kitcheree for babies, the elderly, and those detoxing.

Soup, for our animals, you ask? Don't holistic vets always recommend raw food?

Well, read on...

Think of the stomach as a big cauldron, a living soup pot. Everything added to the cauldron must be warmed, then further broken down using stomach acids and enzymes.

Everything that enters the stomach must be heated to body temperature (98.6 for humans, 101.5 for dogs/cats) to start the "cooking" process of digestion. It takes a lot of energy to heat up the pot and break down the food.

As youngsters, we easily make hydrochloric acid and enzymes to accomplish this. As we age, the breaking-down process becomes more difficult. Cooking our food and/or adding digestive enzymes can go a long way to helping the process.

Dr. Dee's Feeding Fresh Course:

How to safely feed your dog or cat a fresh food diet. Price: $95

Fresh food for dogs and cats is great; but, sometimes our pets need a little help with an easy-to-digest diet.

Our mothers and grandmothers knew that a homemade soup with chicken, veggies, and a starch is easy to digest, providing readily available nutrients for a sick grandchild. It is no different for our sick animals.

Raw foods are perfect when you are robust, healthy, and good at methodically chewing your food.

Raw foods are great for most animals unless the animal:

  • has digestive issues
  • is a very chilly by nature or from illness
  • living in very cold conditions
  • has cancer or other serious chronic disease.

These animals can be helped to jump-start the digestive process by eating cooked foods while they are ill.

This DOES NOT mean "death by crockpot!!!" I'm being very emphatic here because cooking food lightly does not mean cooking food until all the nutrients are killed. That is no different than buying canned or dry food. This is about fresh, wholesome ingredients, cooked slowly and gently to release nutrients and start the break-down of proteins making digestion and absorption easier.

There is a very distinct difference here: Overcooking destroys. Slight, light cooking enhances.

Long-term cooking works best for breaking down hard materials like seeds, grains, and bones.

Consider bone broth soup recipes for your dog or cat.

Bone broth is an extended version of our chicken or beef soup. The primary difference is the amount of time required to break down cartilage and bone, thereby releasing minerals and collagen into the broth.

Bone broth is a great option for feeding your pets in order to support:

  • digestion
  • bone and joint health
  • post surgery
  • skin, hair and eye health
  • adrenal fatigue
  • ADR (ain't doing right)
  • immune issues
  • liver detoxification - just to name a few.

Our dogs and cats love bone broth. Pets can benefit from a soup fast with bone broth once a week. You can also add it to moisten their regular food or offer this easy-to-digest pet diet daily to support overall health.

In the FEEDING FRESH Course, we'll cover the healing foods for:

  • Diarrhea and Constipation - two sides of the same coin.
  • Kidney disease and the real skinny on protein requirements.
  • Seasonal foods to support vitality
  • Handouts: Nutrient Sources, Safe Handling Procedures, Bibliography for other Fresh Feeding support books, websites and more...

Whatever your biggest concerns - your obstacles, worries and fears about feeding fresh food - we'll cover them during the webinar series.

Over the last three decades I've seen hundreds and hundreds of animals on Fresh Food shine brightly, live longer, and truly enjoy their food. You'll get a kick out of their joy! I want to share what I've learned with you because Feeding Fresh is really SO easy and the benefits are so worth the effort!

If you'd like to dig deep into the fun of feeding your dogs and cats click on this link and see the 3-part series on FEEDING FRESH.

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Barbara Glenn

Barbara Glenn

Gosh you’re terrific!
What loving great info.

Gosh you’re terrific!
What loving great info.

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ירושלמי שני Shani Yerushalmy

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Thank you

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