Parasite Dust by Buck Mountain Botanicals, Inc.

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Parasite Dust by Buck Mountain Botanicals, Inc.

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Susan Pantle
Helps greatly

The fleas are so bad in So. CA this year, I have been so grateful for this product to help de-flea the house & dogs.

Lisa Ferreira
Parasite dust

Buck Mountain’s Parasite Dust is an absolutely wonderful all natural product to take care of fleas/ ticks etc…
Love Buck Mountains Parasite Dust

Maggie McAleer
Flea Protection (Parasite Dust)

I haven't had a need to use as yet. Thank Heavens.

Previous nightmare experience, prompted a "just in case" instant response to purchase the product.

I like the blended ingredients. Previously, I had to find ingredients separately.

Many thanks.


Buck Mountain Parasite Dust is a powerful partner in controlling fleas naturally!

If your pet has fleas, you can expect that the pet's surroundings are also infested with fleas, flea eggs, larvae and pupae.  Therefore, a steady supply of fleas will reinfect your pet about as fast as you eliminate them.  Fleas and their eggs, larvae and pupae are in the carpet, upholstered furniture, pet bedding, cracks and crevices of baseboards, the lawn, everywhere.

Please read our blog here to understand the life cycle and control of fleas and ticks naturally. 

Active Ingredients:

Organic Neem, Organic Yarrow, Diatom Flour