Magnesium phosphoricum #8 for Cramping Pain for Pets by Hyland's


Magnesium phosphoricum #8 for Cramping Pain for Pets by Hyland's

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Help relieve your pet's pain and muscle cramps with cell salt #8, Mag phos.

If you can determine that your animal is experiencing cramping or radiating pain symptoms, Hyland’s cell salt #8, Mag phos. (Magnesia phosphorica) can help soothe the discomfort. If it's clear your dog or cat has a sore muscle, tension in the body, or tenderness around the abdomen, cell salt #8 can relieve the pain without harsh chemicals or fatiguing side effects. These animals will likely desire warm places or even heating pads and are often curled up in a ball, not stretched out.

Mag phos. is also great for headaches (which can be felt on your animal as heat on the heat) and darting pains (which can look like a sudden surprise look or chewing to the area of pain). For symptoms that improve with heat but are aggravated with cold, cell salt #8 is a natural medicine designed to help the body soothe the pain naturally.

When the body lacks the right balance of minerals, common illnesses creep in while the body is unprepared to fight back.

Our bodies use magnesium phosphate to maintain a stable connection between the muscles and the brain and nervous system. Mag phos. as a cell salt remedy serves to replenish this supply and keep the lines of communication clearly open so the body knows what it needs to heal itself.

Active ingredients:

Magnesium Phosphoricum 6X/30X

Inactive ingredients:

Acacia Gum, Lactose N.F.


Give 5-15 tablets per day, depending on the size of the animal, for at least 1 month, then decrease in half as a maintenance dose. Tablets can be handled directly, placed in the mouth (they dissolve very quickly), water, milk or food.

For acute situations put the cell salts in very warm water, use a dosing syringe and gently give 1 tsp at a time, every 15 minutes until symptoms improve - more relaxation, less panting or pacing.

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