Thinking Required: Dr. Dee's Rebuttal to Anti-Anti-Vaxxers

Thinking Required: Dr. Dee's Rebuttal to Anti-Anti-Vaxxers

It’s much, much easier to support health than it is to fight disease. However, it does require changing a pervasive cultural view about health. Read this blog to learn how, with a little extra support, your dog or cat's robust, long-lasting, vital health and self-healing is attainable!

The article in Veterinary Practice News entitled "IS FEAR DRIVING THE ANTI-VACCINATION MOVEMENT?" by Dr. Brennen McKenzie is nothing original.

It’s one more fear-filled repetition of the same-old, same-old: ignorant pet owners and their delusional vets aren’t toeing the vaccination party-line. Drinking that Kool-aid is just what vet school taught us to do - and what a huge pitcher that is! But making endless pejorative comments about alternative medicine vets is forgetting that we've all had the same training. Some of us just elected not to become another mouthpiece for Big Pharma.

First Do No Harm

There's a growing body of science that fractures the erroneous and long-held myths of vaccination protection, efficacy, and harmlessness.

Behind all the hype and fear are real dangers that conventional veterinarians refuse to see or acknowledge.

Think of this: your highly educated, super smart vet who knows a lot about animals will unequivocally deny that vaccines can cause harm to their patients, family, and friends.

That’s not science; that’s dogma!

Science is a methodology, not a belief system, and a dogmatic mindset is a violation of the oath to first do no harm.

Why is it we ignore great science if it conflicts with our beliefs? Even if it’s right under our noses as empirical evidence in our practices?

The answer might lie in something called conformational bias which occurs when we desire or prefer a particular idea to be true and then gather information from any source — social media, Google searches, other friends or colleagues — to support our desires or belief, ignoring other contrary data.

We all have a tendency to do this sort of wishful thinking which often stops the gathering of any new information that potentially contradicts our views or prejudices. Not very "scientific," is it? It’s the "blinders on the eyes" effect.

No Thinking Required

Vet school didn’t teach us to think critically, connect the dots, or self-evaluate; instead, they initiated our training to become the mouth pieces of Big Pharma on the very first day.

They spoon-fed us everything we needed to consume, to digest and to excrete. Period. Nothing else. No thinking required.

After all of this spoon-feeding, what do we do?

We consume-excrete; consume-excrete. Mountains of information and minutia "consumed" then "excreted" in endless stressful examinations meant to make us vet automatons. A perfect terrain for Pharma and Co. to make vets eternally addicted to and pushers of often unnecessary and typically toxic meds — such as vaccines.

This ultimately leads to a practice model that is taking hold throughout the country — corporate medicine — what I call flow-chart or commercial medicine. The vets hired in these very efficient, regimented clinics are required to follow the party-line for every single animal, or close to it. This foundation now set in the vet schools is why the tradition of private practice will likely last for only one or two more generations. The home-grown vet practice is on it’s way out. Finito.

Welcome the vet conglomerates, pet insurance (because you can’t afford to go to those vet clinics without it), vaccine schedules enforced even in the very ill animals, and more toxic chemicals than ever before.

But, I digress... sort of.

This lays the foundation for a rigid mindset, which becomes a rigid mode of practice. And that deadly combination doesn’t bode well for our animals.

Modern Medicine and Its Casualties

I am old enough to have seen many cases of parvo in dogs, and leukemia in cats, AFTER the race to vaccinate massive numbers of animals with those brand new vaccines.

I saw litters of puppies die after I vaccinated them.

But, Pharma told me those animals were already incubating the disease and it wasn’t their vaccines that caused the disease.

My clients told me differently and I believed them. They knew their animals.

That started my deep dive into some self-examination and some critical thinking about vaccines. Those deaths of innocent animals were dismissed as part of the brave new experiments required to further science and protect more animals.

But, what if your animal was one of the casualties of modern medicine? I have lived with about 40+ years of knowing my actions (ignorant as they were) caused the deaths of some animals. It still impacts me.

The Scarlet Letter A

Questioning our actions, procedures, and methods when it comes to vaccinations is heretical. One is ostracized and punished by being labeled an anti-vaxxer.

But you know, I love and am proud of that name! After almost 39 years in practice, I have seen countless animals live really long and healthy lives — 15-20 years in big dogs, and 25-30 years in cats — with few or no vaccines.

If you want to count humans, I have experienced robust health (with a capital ‘R’), without chronic disease in my family members and countless children of dear anti-vaxxer friends. Amazingly, they have survived and now are thriving young adults with children of their own, without the "benefit" of the vaccine toxic soup being injected into their precious young bodies.

But, to nourish this sort of lasting health requires changing a mindset that pervades our culture so deeply, we're not even aware of it.

Creating Robust Health for Your Pets

It’s much, much easier to support health than it is to fight disease. However, it does require changing a pervasive cultural view about health.

It means remembering that the body is a complex, amazing, and sacred vehicle, completely capable of self-protection as well as healing. Yes, it can do this on its own! With a little extra support from you robust, long-lasting, vital health, self-healing is attainable!

For the vast majority of vets who write these articles critical of anti-vaxxers, the possibility that the body can protect and heal itself is anathema. We are supposed to be the medical deities after all! We’re taught that we must initiate "protection" by injecting heavy metals, formaldehyde, other toxicants, and of course multiple viruses, all at one time, into the body or your animal will die. End of story.

Now who do you think is playing the fear game?


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lily bloom

lily bloom

Brava! I’m right there with you for our dogs and our family. Especially now with all this craziness and unhealthy beings on this planet. . . Thank you for speaking your truth. I’m aligned 100%.

Brava! I’m right there with you for our dogs and our family. Especially now with all this craziness and unhealthy beings on this planet. . . Thank you for speaking your truth. I’m aligned 100%.

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