which homeopathy medicine is best remedy pets
which homeopathy medicine remedy is best for pets dogs cats

Dr Dee Blanco

Homeopathy Kit for Acute and Chronic Ailments for Pets & People - 100 remedies

Sale price$400.00
Potency:30 C


For first time users of homeopathy start with a 30C kit. You can always add a 200C kit later. Get confident using the remedies and then upgrade to the 200C.

Guidance for use of 200C remedies is best if you are working with a homeopathic vet and not recommended for first time prescribers.  

Having a handy homeopathic kit can make giving remedies to your pets fast, easy and even life saving! 

Homeopathy gives your dog or cat natural support to create a clear path to heal, unlike the toxic ingredients in many commercial pet medicines creating more obstacles to recovery.

Commercial pharmaceuticals often give your animal yet another unnatural element to combat when they need all their reserves to heal from an injury, illness, or stressful experience. Homeopathy is a gentle medicine supporting the body's ability to heal itself with no ingredients that encumber the healing process. It is the bedrock of my holistic veterinary practice.

It's been difficult to source homeopathy kits during the ongoing 2020 Covid events — people wanted this powerful medicine in their toolbox for the uncertainty of the times and the supply ran out quickly. I am truly grateful to have discovered a family-run business in India to help me stock and even create my own custom homeopathy kit to accommodate the conditions I've most often treated in my 42 years of practice. These remedies are the ones used most frequently because of their reliable results! These homeopathic medicines were crafted by a business whose founders go back 5 generations of homeopathic practitioners. Homeopathy was kept alive in India since its inception over 200 years ago.

We've made it easy for you to get started using homeopathy for your pets!

This kit includes a specific materia medica (a sort of cheat sheet of indications for uses) for animals for each remedy; 2 dosing syringes; 2 dosing bottles; and How to Give Homeopathic Remedies to Animals dosing document.


In addition to Dr. Dee's Materia Medica, Dosing Guide, 2 dosing syringes, and 2 glass dropper bottles, this kit of 100 remedies includes:

  1. Abrotanum
  2. Acid nitricum/Nitricum acidum
  3. Acid phosphoricum
  4. Aconite napellus
  5. Aesculus hippocastanum
  6. Allium cepa
  7. Aloe socotrina
  8. Ambrosia artemisaefolia
  9. Antimonium tartaricum
  10. Apis mellifica
  11. Argentum nitricum
  12. Arnica montana
  13. Arsenicum album
  14. Aurum metallicum
  15. Baryta carbonica
  16. Belladonna
  17. Bellis perennis
  18. Berberis vulgaris
  19. Borax
  20. Bryonia alba
  21. Calcarea carbonica
  22. Calcarea flourica
  23. Calcarea phosphorica
  24. Calcarea sulphurica
  25. Calendula officinalis
  26. Cantharis
  27. Capsicum
  28. Carbo vegetabilis
  29. Caulophyllum
  30. Causticum
  31. Chamomilla
  32. Cheledonium
  33. China officinalis (Cinchona officinalis)
  34. Cimicifuga racemosa
  35. Cina
  36. Cocculus
  37. Coffea cruda
  38. Colchicum autumnale
  39. Colocynthis
  40. Conium maculatum
  41. Cuprum metallicum
  42. Drosera
  43. Dulcamara
  44. Eupatorium perfoliatum
  45. Euphrasia
  46. Ferrum phosphoricum
  47. Gelsemium
  48. Glononium
  49. Graphites
  50. Hamamelis virginiana
  51. Helleborus niger
  52. Hepar sulphuris calcareum
  53. Hydrastis
  54. Hyoscyamus niger
  55. Hypericum
  56. Ignatia amara
  57. Ipecacuanha
  58. Kali bichromicum
  59. Kali carbonicum
  60. Kali muriaticum
  61. Kali phosphoicum
  62. Kali sulphuricum
  63. Kreosotum
  64. Lachesis muta
  65. Ledum palustre
  66. Lycopodium clavatum
  67. Magnesia carbonicum
  68. Magnesium phosphoricum
  69. Mercurius solubilus/vivus
  70. Natrum carbonicum
  71. Natrum muriaticum
  72. Natrum sulphuricum
  73. Nux vomica
  74. Opium
  75. Petroleum
  76. Phosphorus
  77. Phytolacca
  78. Piric acid
  79. Pituitrin
  80. Podophyllum
  81. Pulsatilla
  82. Rhus toxicodendron
  83. Rumex crispus
  84. Ruta graveolens
  85. Sabadilla
  86. Sabina
  87. Sanguinaria
  88. Sarsaparilla
  89. Sepia
  90. Silicea
  91. Spigelia anthelmia
  92. Spongia toasta
  93. Staphysagria
  94. Sulphur
  95. Symphytum officinalis
  96. Tabacum
  97. Thuja occ
  98. Urtica urens
  99. Veratrum album
  100. Zincum metallicum

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