Golden Armor Flower Essence Flea & Tick Protection and Stress Prevention by Green Hope Farm

Green Hope Farm

Golden Armor Flower Essence Flea & Tick Protection and Stress Prevention by Green Hope Farm

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I've used Green Hope Farm Essences in my practice for well over 20 years and always rely on Golden Armor to support animals and their humans navigate tough situations that can weaken or harm them. We include Golden Armor along with Flee Free to energetically and subtly protect against fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and other insects. Golden Armor can also provide protection from computer screens, radiation and atmospheric changes, aberrant astral energies, human negativity (this is a big one since our animals pick up on these energies), dissonant sounds, viruses, bacteria, man-made dissonance in the airwaves and any other kind of vibrational bombardment. Can be used in the car, at the vet's or any stressful situation where the protection of the plant intelligence is needed - this remedy will provide a Golden Amor of protection.

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Abutilon, Echinops, Elderberry, Eryngium, French Marigold, Golden Yarrow, Goldenrod, Leopard's Bane, Rattlesnake Master, Sea Holly, St John's Wort, Teasel, Thistle, Titan, White Yarrow, Wild Abutilon


2-3 drops per day in water or for faster and optimal response put 3-5 drops in a small spritzer bottle with water and spritz your animal once to several times per day. Or place a drop on your index finger and rub inside the ear for an acute exposure, or offer a few drops in your palm to lick off. Continued use is best for long-term support and protection.

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