Dharma Rescue Winner's Bundle

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Dharma Rescue Winner's Bundle

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Our Dharma Rescue Winners package consists of these 4 items plus a freebie course of your choice!

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Salvation is a multipurpose healing salve for your dog's skin, paws, ears, and nose.

  • Paw Protector
  • Burns - inflammation - dermatitis
  • Speeds healing, skin cell regeneration and hair growth
  • Heals Crusty Cracked Nose
  • Post Surgical Care

Ingredients: Coconut oil, apricot, hemp seed oil, almond oils, virgin olive oil, unrefined shea butter, aloe butter, mango butter.  Essentials oils of: peppermint, lavender, patchouli, ylang ylang, petigrain, carrot seed, candelilla wax, dried calendula flower, vitamin E(organic)


Bioplasma contains 12 mineral homeopathic cell salts to relieve low energy and simple nervous tension.

If your animal seems sluggish or is starting to exhibit diffuse symptoms of illness, they may have a mineral deficiency. The tasteless, easily dissolved Bioplasma tablets include the most important 12 cell salts needed to support healthy both function. We always recommend these for any elder or ill animal.

"My clients frequently comment on the noticeable improvement in energy in their animals, and themselves!" - Dr Dee 

This natural medicine works best with Biochemic Phosphates to support the nervous system for anxiety and aging.


For relief of symptoms of colds, simple nervous tension, fatigue and headaches and a basic tonic-like support for any elder or ill animal.

Active Ingredients:

Calc fluor 6x, Calc phos 3x, Calc sulph 3x, Ferrum phos 3x, Kali mur 3x, Kali phos 3x, Kali sulph 3x, Mag phos 3x, Nat mur 6x, Nat phos 3x, Nat sulph 3x, Silica 6x


Give 5-15 tablets per day, depending on the size of the animal, for at least 1 month, then decrease in half as a maintenance dose. Tablets can be handled directly, placed in the mouth (they dissolve very quickly), water, milk or food.


Relief Concentrate: Pet Clean Up and Odor Remover

I could not live without it to clean up after my dog and cats!! You must have this in your cupboard and never use those nasty cover-up fragrance solutions. 

Want to know how to clean pet stains the natural way? This eco-conscious pet urine cleaner effectively eliminates urine, odors, and stains from pet accidents. It's gentle and hardworking formula is safe to use on multiple surfaces in your home. Dilute with water to create a spray and use on your pet's fur as a deodorizer or waterless bath. This natural cleaner works in 30 minutes on skunk odor. Relief concentrate is non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for your pets and family to use daily.


Aqueous extracts of organic mineral salts and organic lavender essential oils

Animal Essential's Herbal Ear Wipes

Wipe away excess earwax, dirt and debris from the outer ear, while supporting the body's natural immune defenses against harmful bacteria, fungi and parasites, with Animal Essentials Herbal Ear Wipes!

  • Convenient, individually packaged towelettes for your purse, glovebox, backpack or anywhere you wish to keep within reach.
  • Safe for dogs and cats of all ages.
  • Made with certified organic herbs and therapeutic-grade essential oils.
  • Soothing formula quickly removes dirt and wax while promoting natural healing and itch relief, right where it is needed!
  • Naturally inhibits bacteria and fungi that are known to infect the ears.
  • Painless and easy to apply.

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