#5 Kali muriaticum Cell Salt for Nasal Congestion for Pets and People by Hyland's


#5 Kali muriaticum Cell Salt for Nasal Congestion for Pets and People by Hyland's

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Heal your animal's sore throat from nasal congestion drainage and head colds with cell salt #5, Kali mur.

Kali mur. (Kali muriaticum) is a natural medicine which can help your dog or cat clear nasal congestion causing a sore throat. Young kitty cats and puppies adopted from shelters tend to arrive home with too many vaccinations, too early neutering or spaying and the stressful exposure to viruses and bacteria causing upper respiratory illness. While discharges are still white, taking cell salt #5, Kali mur, can support the body's natural immunity before the discharge becomes yellow and you have a full-blown cold on your hands!

We also recommend this cell salt for animals with swollen glands, earaches and infections and any ailment that affects the blood, muscles, and mucus membranes.

Cell salts replenish the mineral stores in your body which aid in fighting off common illness.

In the same way that potassium chloride assists in breaking down white mucus, the homeopathic remedy version, Kali mur., helps the body cleanse those discharges. When mineral deficiencies in the body are brought back into balance, the body can do all the fighting on its own. Over-the-counter drugs with harsh chemicals give the body another battle to fight while it's already trying to heal the infection. Cell salts are clean, tasteless, natural tablets that quickly dissolve without distracting your animal's body from the task at hand - healing!

Active ingredients:

Kali Muriaticum 6X/30X

Inactive ingredients:

Acacia Gum, Lactose N.F.


Give 5-15 tablets per day, depending on the size of the animal, for at least 1 month, then decrease in half as a maintenance dose. Tablets can be handled directly, placed in the mouth (they dissolve very quickly), water, milk or food.

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