In order to spread my 40+ years of holistic veterinary experience as far as one human can, I'm offering online responses to your general questions.

This format is for maximum one to three questions regarding conditions that are acute or supportive to your current care protocols. This format is NOT meant to suggest treatments for chronic or extensive illnesses that in reality need ongoing veterinary care. You will need a skilled Holistic vet for that sort of treatment, not this simple on-line questionnaire. 

My new service, Ask Dr. Dee, will prompt you to fill out a short form to give me an idea of what is going with your dog or cat.  I will send you a personalized response with suggestions for homeopathic remedies and/or holistic options to treat your pet at home. 

I use natural medicines and holistic techniques to address pet health.

I more than likely will recommend a Homeopathic Remedy to address what your animal is experiencing. If you're new to homeopathy, I recommend you look over the FAQs of Homeopathy and How to Dose Your Animal with a Homeopathic Remedy. This will help speed up the process of getting the right medicine to your pets and start seeing results. 
If you are NOT comfortable with homeopathy this Ask Dr Dee is not for you. Please find another veterinarian right now to help your animal. 

I always recommend a clean, species-appropriate diet in order for our pets to enjoy vibrant health and to forge a pathway for natural medicines to really show their gentle power. If you're new to feeding fresh, I have a course and a few blogs about getting started with a clean diet for your animals.
It is my sincere hope that this service can help you and your beloved animals.
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"Dear Dr. Blanco, Thank you for your commitment and dedication to sharing information.  What a gift you have given to this community, what a gift- wow!" -Allison
"Dr. Dee Blanco is the VERY BEST vet you will be able to find. Not only did she help me and my doggies when other vets could not, she helped me learn how I can help my animals. She gave me the courage and encouragement to know how to treat my animals. I love her and her service! She changed not only my doggies lives for the better but also mine!  Thank You Dr. Blanco for all that you do!"  -Ashleigh
"Dr Blanco is a best friend to my best friend. Dr Blanco takes her may years of fabulous experience, knowledge, compassion and great heart and zeroes in in what is truly most important for the welfare of my beloved four legged family. Our family (furred and non) cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you thank you, Dr. Dee."  -Debra
Ask Dr. Dee | "Please, those of you that have pets take the time to listen to Dr. Dee support health in your furry friends! I have known Dr. Dee for over 25 years, she has saved me countless $ at the vet in ways that are healthy and very much are aligned with how I care for myself and my family. Learn what it takes to have healthy pets. No matter what you think you know, she will help move you to a new level. Try her, you'll like her!"    -Karen
Ask Dr. Dee | "Hi Dr. Blanco, I did what you told me and I was amazed! My 12 year old cat was so energetic. I will continue doing it. Thank you so much!" -Patricia H.

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