Some of the results you’ll see:

  • More Energy

  • Soft, Shiny Fur

  • Better Body Odor

  • Better Digestion & Stools

  • Less Gas

  • Reduced Cancer Risks

  • Clearer Eyes and Vision

  • Improved Mental Clarity

  • Better Breath

  • Greater Longevity

I know you want your animal to live forever...

...and frankly, I’m not in charge of that department; but I can offer a tool to help them live healthier and longer.

The best way I know to do that is to support the body’s own detoxification process.

The assault of toxins from vaccines, food additives, flea, tick, and heart worm pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, the environment, water and everything else in between is overwhelming both them and their humans.

If you haven’t known where to start, and you know your animal has been exposed to any (or many) of the above toxins, you can start with my safe and effective detox protocol.

Sometimes people call me Dr. Detox instead of Dr. Dee.

I love it because I’ve known for decades that the single most important cause of animal disease is the overload of toxins in their lives. The second is inappropriate or toxic foods.

If I could give you one thing to help you find more joy, life, and fun with your furry family it’s to understand the importance of detoxifying the body.

This detox protocol will help you give this gift to your beloved animals. They deserve this don’t they? After all, they give us unconditional love, toxin-free, each and every day.

Optimal health is available at any age. We may not be able to make your 12-year old into a 2-year old; but detoxifying the body is a fast and sure way to help your animals clean out the old and bring in the new. Sort of like starting the new year, without the champagne.

50% of dogs are now dying from cancer.

Although difficult to treat, it is completely avoidable. Detoxifying the carcinogens from vaccines, foods, water, pesticides, herbicides, and the air will go a long way to keeping your pet stay out of that 50% category.

I know many animals have the kind of exposure that is pushing them into the 50% incidence. I see it every day in my veterinary practice. Your animals don’t need to be victims of this deadly disease.

In terms of cancer incidences, environmental toxins lead the list far above genetics.

This is good news you can do something about! The detox protocol is a great solution.

Many, many epigenetic studies have proven that gene expression can be turned off and on by proper nutrition and detoxification. Cancer is not a destiny of faulty genes.

The cancer epidemic in our animals is heartbreaking, financially devastating, and completely avoidable. This detox protocol is one way to tilt the statistics in favor of your animal’s health.

What's in the Detox Protocol?

  • Supplement: Metabolic Clearing System

    The Metabolic Clearing System is a two-hits-in-one detox formula. The liver cleanses the blood in two phases. Both phases must be functioning correctly for the body to eliminate toxins acquired from the outside world and from normal metabolic functions of the body.

  • Supplement: Organic Beets

    Organic beet concentrate with antioxidants and pancrealipase help to thin bile, making the movement through the liver smoother. This helps the Metabolic Clearing nutrients to remove toxins more easily. The two products work best if given together.

  • Supplement: Pre and ProBiotics

    Studies have shown that beneficial bacteria are capable of degrading pesticides and sequestering toxic chemicals. Lactobacillus, a common bacteria in the gut of humans and most animals, has the ability to bind and detoxify some of these substances.

  • Supplement: Super Antioxidants

    Antioxidants are an important part of vital health in today’s stressed world. This product provides a wide array of antioxidants and synergists, ranging from vitamins and minerals to phytochemicals and enzymes. These broad spectrum antioxidants, emulsified vitamins, natural mixed carotenoids, provide a rich source of nutrients to further enhance detoxification and support overall vital health. Every animal can benefit from antioxidant protection.

Nutritional Labels

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If you’ve been wanting to start yourself or your animal on a detox program, what better way than to do it together?

Everyone in the family can take these supplements together. We do so in our household, and you can too with the assurance they are safe for everyone. Humans should dose as directed on the chart.

Making a detox smoothie you can share with your animals is fun and health promoting.

Your animals can shine, glow, and bounce once again!